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Our forefathers started out holding services under a tree at the Howard Lamar.  They found it was difficulty almost impossible to get to the meeting place when it rained and the creek would rise.  The Lord gave them the foresight and the resources to purchase one and one forth acres of land with $12.00.  On June 25, 1896, Solomon Chapel then called Little Zone became a reality.  Solomon Chapel is named after Solomon Green who served as a trustee at the time the church was established.  

Solomon Chapel built a school beside the church and supported the school by farming cotton on the land across the street from the church.  This school was maintained until public school became available in the community.


Our documented history reflects the names of many who stood at the helm and brought us to this point. Past and current leaders of our church who stand out as significant contributors includes:

Rev. and Mrs. A.W. Murphy, Sr. who brought us out of the old and in to the new. 

Dr. and Mrs. R.M. Richmond Sr. taught us that when people see us, they should see Jesus. 

Our current pastor and first lady, Rev and Mrs. E.O. Major, Sr. are teaching us to walk by faith and not by sight. 


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